Conrad Mansion Museum | Kalispell, MT

These books are sold exclusively in the Conrad Mansion Museum Gift Shoppe.
"Cooking with the Conrads"
with beloved recipes.

22 pages
"Crazy Full of Ghosts"
About the spirits that might live in the Museum.

12 pages
"The Conrad Mansion Museum Picture Book"
A keepsake book that takes the reader on a virtual tour of the Museum. Historical information about the family and the Mansion is also included.

64 pages
"The Conrad Cat"
About our resident feline Sweetie Pie.

12 pages
"Celebrating 100 Years of Fashion"
Pictures of historic clothing linking fashions with significant dates in the Conrads' lives.

14 pages
Other books related to the history of the Conrad family and the Museum
are also available  in the Gift Shoppe.
A popular book about the Conrad Family history is
"Half Interest in a Silver Dollar:
The Saga of Charles E. Conrad"

by James E. Murphy

321 pages
The Conrad Mansion's architect is featured in "Kirtland Cutter - Architect in the Land of Promise"

by Henry C. Matthews

438 pages
Hardcover $60.00
"Haunted Montana"
lists the Conrad Mansion Museum as the site of paranormal activity.

by Karen Stevens

255 pages
The Gift Shoppe offers antiques, specialty-made items,
nostalgic toys, books and Conrad Mansion souvenirs.
It is located on the west side of the Museum in what was
formerly the bedroom of Charles E. Conrad's mother.
10:00 am - 4:00 pm
when the Museum is
open for tours
or call
for an appointment.
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the Conrad Mansion Museum

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The Gift Shoppe accepts U.S. currency,
Traveler's Checks, checks with valid identification and
"The Conrad Buffalo Ranch"
A colorful and far-reaching moment in Flathead history by Albert Christiansen.

70 pages